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We are an experienced and professional construction company that is in the business of building high-quality new build homes and commercial spaces in Leicestershire.

Professional Residential & Commercial Projects

Your one-stop-destination for bespoke residential and commercial construction projects of all scales.

Expert Extension, Alteration & Refurbishment Services

Specialists in providing loft and other extensions as well as home improvement, alteration and refurbishment services.


At AM Homes & Developments, we take pride in designing and building exceptional properties that are straight out of a buyer’s dream! We believe in pursuing perfection in every detail of our exquisitely designed homes, that are high on strength, aesthetics, and quality. Each of our properties is built with the customer in mind. We understand that dream homes require a meticulous blend of superlative designs and robust, contemporary structures that can provide futuristic living to suit all lifestyles. Which is why, we work tirelessly with our appointed architects to ensure that our houses are built to the highest standards and are ready to be loved and moved into.

Excellence, passion, integrity, and collaboration are the four pillars of the foundation of our business. We work with the best, most reliable partners and use only the best quality raw materials to build superior-quality homes that are the epitome of sophistication and excellence.

New Homes & Developments

We are professional residential builders that have built dream homes for countless families. We have managed and completed a wide range of bespoke building projects. 

Commercial Construction Projects

Our reliable and experienced team is highly skilled at providing a turn-key solution to all commercial construction projects.

Extensions, Alterations & Refurbishments

With over 15 years of experience in home improvement, we are specialists of quality extensions, alterations and refurbishments of all kinds.


NEW IN 2021

AM Homes and Developments are delighted to add DOUBLE GLAZING to its portfolio of services.

Double glazing windows are specifically designed to reduce heat loss from homes and buildings. Double glazed units create twice the insulation as a single glazed unit would.






Choosing the Right Builder in Leicestershire

Choosing the right builder can make all the difference when it comes to planning your dream home. A house is something that you invest your hard-earned savings into and create memories that last a lifetime. It is not just about comfort and beauty. Building a dream...

Benefits of Double Glazing & Why You Should Get It Done

Planning to upgrade to double glazing? About time! Double glazing has gradually taken over the market and become standard practice in modern home development due to the many advantages it offers. Made with two glass panes separated by a small gap filled with inert...

Double Glazing Can Save You Money. Here’s How

Double glazed windows have remained popular since their introduction in the ’70s, thanks to the many benefits they offer as compared to their single glazed counterparts. Apart from providing an added sense of security, double glazed windows are proven to provide twice...

Top Tips on Selecting the Right Double Glazing

Gone are the days when you would need to huddle up in blankets at home to keep warm in the cold winter months. With the introduction of double glazing in the ’70s, winters have become much more comfortable and manageable. While most new-build developments have double...

When is the Best Time to Install Double Glazing?

Have you been spending your winters huddled up in a thick layer of blankets at home, unable to shake the chill off even with a warm cuppa in hands? Then it may be time to replace your old windows and install double glazed windows! While you can replace your windows...



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